Point Park University International Freshman Fellowship in USA 2022/2023

Formerly known as Point Park College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Point Park University is one of the best universities in the world that deem it fit to encourage brilliant students worldwide by offering them academic merit rewards of financial assistance. 

The encouragement comes in a substantial scholarship form for outstanding students worldwide, making studying in a premium and classy school affordable for lucky candidates.

Point Park University Scholarships are available at all levels, from undergraduates to graduates who want to continue their academic merits and transfer students.    

According to Point Park University Scholarship Board, the scholarship award for some undergraduates (merit-based) may cover the candidate’s 50 per cent tuition fee.

Scholarships for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Point Park University offers over 90 undergraduate and graduate degree courses for five faculties: Faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Conservatory of Performing Arts. In addition, at Point Park University their different scholarship awards for each faculty. 

The Application for the Scholarship is currently open for both residents and international students. 

Scholarship merit award worth: $15,000 

Language Requirement: Advanced Level B completion or Duquesne University ESL Advanced Level A completion with a TOEFL of 500.

Courses offer: Point Park University offer classes and subjects in all Undergraduate degree programs of any academic concentration.

Nationality: Any country can apply.

Number of Available Awards: N/A

Application mode: Online Access

Admission requirements for international graduates can vary by program. However, students must be enrolled for full-time studies and maintain good academic progress in the graduate program for the scholarship to be renewed yearly.

Academic merit scholarships are for applicants who submit a complete application. When it comes to Point Park University Scholarship merit Award, candidates only need to meet the educational requirements and not expect to be selected by luck. 

Additional Infomatation

Application Deadline: The deadline for Point Park University Scholarship Award is yet to be declared

Contact Email Address: iss@pointpark.edu

Scholarship merit – awards breakdown

First Year student:

$12,000 – $22,000 – Merit-based Freshman Scholarships

$17,000 – International Freshman Ambassador

$15,000 – International Freshman Fellow

Transfer Students:

$12,000 – $18,000 – Merit-based

$1,500 – Phi Theta Kappa

$3,000 – Smooth Transition PASSHE Scholarship 

 How to Apply

The application procedure is easy, and the whole process is online. All you need to do is ensure all documents required to be uploaded are intact. 

Documents like your Higher Secondary School Certificate or the equivalent of 12 years of education, International Students’ Passport, A concise resume/CV are required, a Statement of purpose or motivational letter, Two letters of recommendation, Certificate of English Proficiency from the previous institute of education schooling.

However, if your last education degree was not in English, candidates must take the ILETS exam.

Optional Test is only available to applicants from the following countries:

Antigua, Caribbean, Liberia, Tanzania, Australia, Dominica, Malawi, Tobago, Bahamas, Fiji, New Zealand, Trinidad, Bahrain, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Barbados, Grand Cayman Islands, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, Barbuda, Grenada, Sierra Leone, U.S.A. (Puerto Rico exempt) Belize, Guyana, Saint Kitt and Nevis, Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Irish, Republic, Saint Lucia, Zambia, Botswana, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Zimbabwe, Canada (Quebec exempt), Lesotho, Swaziland.


Point Park University has existed for over 60 years in the Pittsburg community, contributing to the neighbourhood’s progress and supporting top-level students worldwide. 

For Doctoral or PhD candidates, Point Park University is yet to consider scholarship awards for these categories. 

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